About Us

Sullivan’s has been in business since 1954.

“I’ve owned it 13 years and well now of course in the new location, a new start.

The shuffleboard table (Pictured Below) came from the 49’r lounge and is fully restored.

The statues (Pictured Below) came with the place when I bought it but we suspect they came from a Liquor distributor back in the day.

The back bar is a Brunswick art deco piece that came from the German manufacturer in the 30’s.

The Painting of the Boxer is the famous John L Sullivan (Pictured Below).  A bare knuckled boxer from the 20’s and 30’s before they used gloves. Special Thanks to the Artists Melanie Judkins and Sarah Root from Black Squirrel Tatoo for John L Sullivan painting.

We’re a long time Omaha St Patrick’s favorite.

We provide exceptional service and our staff are all professionals.”

– Dan Houlihan, Owner

  • Sullivans Outside
  • John-L-Sullivan
  • Shuffle-Board
  • Bourbon-Boxer
  • Special Edition Omaha Beer Glass
  • BugEater
Sullivans Outside1 John-L-Sullivan2 Shuffle-Board3 Bourbon-Boxer4 Special Edition Omaha Beer Glass5 BugEater6